Royal Kludge RK G-87 Wireless Bluetooth USB Wired Dual-Mode Backlight Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Compact size 87 keys, mechanical switches, rainbow-LED back-lighting, wired and Bluetooth wireless


  • 87 key keyboard with fade free ABS double injection key caps
  • Bluetooth wireless with three profiles
  • Fully adjustable RGB back-lighting with additional ambient RGB lighting on the sides
  • Available with mechanical TTC blue, red and brown switches
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Compact 87 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB and Bluetooth 3.0 Connectivity

A compact size gaming keyboard with mechanical switches that provides Bluetooth connectivity and can store profiles for up to three different devices. It can also be connected to a standard USB port for both charging of the rechargeable battery and using it as a wired USB keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard with Blue, Brown or Red Switch

This keyboard comes in three different variants, providing blue, red or brown switches. Blue switches provide tactile feedback with an audible click and are usually preferred by typists. Red switches are linear non-clicky that have no no tactile bump. They are the preferred choice for gamers.  The brown switch combines the tactile feel of the blue switch minus the clicky sound, striking a good balance between the blue and red option. Whatever your preferred choice, the RK G-87 has you covered.


RGB lighting modes

Toggle between 18 different lighting modes quickly by pressing FN+Scroll lock and change the four brightness levels by pressing FN+down or up arrow key. You can select 8 different color options and even create your own custom lighting presets (up to three, that is). All keys are true RGB capable, individually backlit and provide a very smooth transition when cycling through the colors.


    • Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 and USB wired dual-mode
      • Mechanical keyboard with TTC red, brown or blue switch
      • Clean professional look with elegant fonts
        • Rainbow-LED back-lighting that highlights the keyboard in low-light situations, 17 different backlight effects and three custom setups
        • RGB atmosphere lights on both sides of the housing, fully customizable
          • Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 100 hours of use before a recharge is necessary
            • ABS two-color injection 1 mm keycaps
              • Sturdy plastic housing eliminates any flex
              • Configuration software allows key remapping, key macro recording, backlight control and more
                • Supports Windows, Linux, Android and iOS, configuration software only supports Windows
                • Plug and Play, requires no drivers
                • Package contents: RK G87 USB Wired Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, USB Type-c charging cable and User guide



                  • Product category: Gaming keyboard
                  • Connection: USB or Bluetooth Wireless
                  • Number of keys: 87
                  • Language/Layout: English
                  • Backlighting: Selectable 17 backlit effects (8 single color and 9 multi-color),
                  • Backlight Adjustment: Selectable 17 backlit effects (8 single color and 9 multi-color),
                  • Keycap : ABS two-color injection keycaps
                  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 5.5 x 2.2 [inch] / 370 x 140 x 55 [mm]

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